Types Of Parties To Host

When it comes to hosting parties while there are millions of ways to entertain your friends’ majority of the individuals opt for the same old dinner party. Although, there is nothing wrong with such tried and true plans the following article would attempt to recommend different types of parties to break up your normal routine and shake things up a little among your group of friends.

Outdoor Movie Night

This is ideal for both children and adults as instead of the normal movie night where you only need to select a movie, purchase snacks and get comfortable in your living room. One can now kick things up a notch by throwing an outdoor movie night party. One can accomplish this task by using their iphone 6s plus plan to play the movie whilst utilizing a projector to project the images on to a white sheet. Furthermore, to create a cinematic experience one can even opt to hire vintage snack machines such as popcorn and candy floss machines for the guests to enjoy. Although, it takes some prep work when compared to the basic indoor movie night guests are guaranteed to enjoy a night of watching a movie under the glow of a starry night.

Dance Party

The key factor in a dance party is awesome music therefore while one can opt to hire a DJ to play music all night long those under a budget can instead use their own stereo system or borrow one from a friend to connect their quality smartphone to the stereo and proceed to play music over this makeshift system. Furthermore, whilst it is possible to host your run- of -the- mill basic dance party with cheesy pop songs, one can also opt to throw themed dance party such as a disco dance party or even a 90s themed dance party.

Game Night

The three prerequisites needed to host a great game night are to create the perfect ambiance, serve alcohol and to surprise your friends with old- fashioned games. However, prior to planning your game night one needs to be aware that game nights cannot host too big a group and neither can it host merely 3 people as many games require a minimum of 5 individuals. Thus, ensure that every guest would get the opportunity to participate by inviting the correct number. Furthermore, one should also decide whether they wish to play parlor, board or electronic games.

With the help of this guide one can make sure to throw the most talked of party of the year.